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Assia Amghar

My Story

I didn't start my cooking business to pay tribute to my grandmother, to be honest, I didn't have any connection with both my grandmothers nor I've started cooking because I was over my corporate career and wanted to turn my passion into a business. My name is Assia, I’m from Casablanca, Morocco and I started cooking to impress a man.

More about this in my next article, stay tuned

My food stories

Because every taste has a story
  • Assia hosted an event in our flat and we loved it. It was a great experience:) Different cultures and people share the same food around the same table. Well done to the arrow!!!
    Lale Kozikoglu
  •  There is a certain magic in a taste - in a simple bite of food. Sure there are the ingredients that create the perfect flavor. Or the delicately selected products and temperatures that turn vegetables and/or meat into an elevated form of energy. But, with Assia Amghar it is more than that. It is the love of home, a table of enjoyable people, and food that fills your soul. On Saturday night my two friends and I joined one of her dinners, the food is so good you have to enjoy every crumb. She was also so warm and humble it felt more like having a home-cooked meal from your grandma or grandpa. I highly recommend going to Assia’s events. Her food is too good to pass up and so is her company. Sign up today for the next event.
    Carrie Bozym
  • Assia is a beautiful soul, hospitable and friendly:) The event I attended was beyond my expectations, I enjoyed the Casablanca food with a touch of other cuisines thanks to Foodiebackpacker. It was a cozy, warm and exciting event with a wonderful host and people that are willing to try out new tastes. I’ll definitely try to attend more
    Gulshat Sandybayeva
  • Assia is such a passionate cook, whatever dish she creates, you can taste the passion. Attended several times, always been worth it.
    Michael Kern

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